It is just one year ago when I met with this wonderful couple. I want to celebrate this occasion with this article as they gave me so much. Every time I have the pleasure to meet with a new couple it enrich me so much and it is a great gift to me.

Lets dream together with Karina and Alexander…


Karina and Alexander met through friends seven years ago in New York, during a music festival and they became friends, they had the opportunity to really know them each other deeply before dating. This is what Karina said about her husband:I really did marry my best friend! He is perfect for me, he makes me want to be a better human and he really is my person!” And I really can confirm this, their complicity was visible far away, they only needed to look at each other to understand what they wanted.


Alexander proposed to Karina on Valentine’s Day while they were on a trip to Barcellona in Spain, one of their favourit cities. Since then they made it a tradition to visit Barcellona, on Valentine’s Day every year! They go to the same place where they decided to become one only soul…a Family!


Italy remains their favourite country, and also the first trip they made as a couple it was to Italy, Karina explained: It was never a question in our minds as to where the wedding would have been, the only question was which part of Italy! That was a hard choice as ALL Italy is so beautiful!”

At this point it was natural to me to ask the bride why, with all the wedding planners around in Italy, did they choose Italy Destination Weddings? At this very important question to me, Karina wrote me: As I am sure many other brides I was completely lost in the sea of planners and services. I started my search on FB to find relative groups and found Italy Destination Wedding. It was the most relative resource for what I had in mind so it quickly became my main resource for planning my destination wedding. There I started to speak to the admin of the group Antonella and from the first moment, I felt like speaking to a friend! A lot of wedding planners start out with a price list and request for a deposit before the conversation even starts! Antonella always had our interests at heart. No request was too large or too small and she was always there to answer any question, offer advice and provide therapy as all of us brides need throughout the planning process!

During all the planning process we were often writing to each other and she was a mix of emotions all the time. She felt excited, overwhelmed, scared, happy, nervous, happy again, and everything in between! But mostly she was looking forward to see all the work and ideas materialize and I was happy to make their dream comes true. I share with you all few pictures about all the decorations made by Italy Destination Weddings.

And finally after months working on the creation of this fairytale the so desired date came 10th September 2019! It was a deep emotion for me and the couples, I still can remember the first time I met with them and their families. It is an honour to be part of such an important event, the joy of the couple is in your hands and I promised to myself since the beginning that I would have done also the impossible to make them happy on their most important day, and so I did! The bride was radiant, the groom so nervous, you could feel his emotions, while waiting the woman of his life, I could see both of them and it was incredible!

So I decided to ask to the bride what she remember about her Day, what is the most emotional moment of the day and she shared with me: As I am sure many brides would agree with me, my wedding day seemed to have flown by so quick! In a blink of an eye! We had a 3 day wedding and we wish we made it longer! Every little moment was absolutely magical and our venue was beyond beautiful! Meeting Antonella and her family was like my meeting an old friend! After speaking almost every day prior to the wedding, I really felt like we have been friends forever! She was my “shadow” through the entire wedding weekend. Her touches were seen everywhere and she made everything run smoothly. It is very hard to pick just one moment but if I had to , it would of course be my walk to the altar and the vows! My best friend married us and the ceremony was very heartfelt and felt so special. there were happy tears, smiles and so much love!


When I asked to Karina and Alexander about their honeymoon, they gave me much more surprises as they are both fairly spontaneous, their honeymoon was fairly unplanned. They knew they wanted to stay in Europe and visit some favorite places as well as some new ones. As a result they ended up traveling through Europe for a month, visiting 7 countries and 17 cities. Planes, trains, yachts and ferries. Sunset in Mikonos, photoshoot in Paris,fresh markets of Montenegro, Old town of Dubrovnik, discovering Ibiza is more then just the nightlife, falling in love with Portugal and so much more! It was fantastic a very European wedding from the beginning till the end!

I didn’t write this article just to make you dream your future wedding day my dearest future brides and grooms, I also did it because I want to share with you few suggestions from a couple who already lived this situation, so what better than advices coming from a real destination wedding, here comes for you what Alexander and Karina wish to suggest:

My main advice to all the brides – give yourself MORE time! 3 days is a bare minimum in my opinion. Also decide what are the most important 3-4 things are and invest in those. For me the Venue was essential. I actually changed my venue last minute after seeing it on a website of the caterer I booked. I already had a deposit on the other venue but still decided to go ahead a re-book and I am so happy I did!!! Music and MC were the other essentials for me and we were lucky to have our friends who are professional musicians come from 2 different countries as well as our friend who is an MC. Another advice (which you probably wont take- i know I didn’t:) – relax and stop stressing, enjoy your day!

So as you can see everything is possible when you have the right wedding planner next to you, Karina and Alexander was able to change the venue without big issues, as well they already paid the deposit to another location, but I fighted a lot to convince the venue to not charging them. And I am very happy to always be next to the couple. They need the best on their BIG DAY.

Thank you all to follow and choose me, I hope I always give you interesting topics and ideas. And lets enjoy about few of the most memorable wedding’s moments.

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