Mimosa, the iconic floral symbol of International Women’s Day in Italy

Incredibly, cheerful and lively. These yellow flowers have, without any doubt, become the floral symbol of International Women’s Day in Italy, which is celebrated on March 8th. Originally from Australia, this plant arrived in the Old Continent in the early tenth century, finding an ideal climate to develop and grow.

One of the peculiarities of this plant is the fact that, towards the end of winter, its branches bloom, offering a delicate straw yellow color that, almost instantly, breaks the typical grayness of the cold season. Considered a sort of ambassador for the arrival of spring, mimosa has become the symbol of International Women’s Day. In fact, it is now a well-established habit to give a sprig of mimosa on March 8, on the occasion of Women’s Day in Italy.

Mimosa a symbol flower, also ideal for wedding

Picture credits: Pinterest

Like any other flower, mimosa also has its own meaning. Not for nothing, it has become a true symbol of women’s day, as it symbolize femininity and strength.

In this period of the year, with the spring very close, the choice of a MIMOSA WEDDING THEME, it would appear very original, especially if you decided to get married in Italy!

Mimosa flowers, with their straw yellow hue, find its application also for what concerns the wedding floral decorations and the composition of the bridal bouquet, matching really well with many others spring colours like mint, green, grey and orange. Here I am very glad to share with you future brides some examples, which you could use in the creation of your wedding decorations theme.

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