PEONIES: the most beautiful flowers for the weddings in May with an exceptional power on yours and your guests senses.

In addition to the first hot sun, spring brings us beautiful peonies as a gift. This is why May is the best period of the year to choose peonies for your wedding’s decoration or for your bouquet.
In the language of flowers, peony symbolizes love, prosperity and auspiciousness, but also honor, shyness and compassion. You can find it in a big variety of colours , so it is very simple to follow the Fil Rouge of your wedding with this kind of flower.

White, pink, red, velvet it is an amazing explosion for your senses, the colours of the peony are beautiful and rich in shades: from white to pink, from yellow to red with a variety of wonderful shades and shapes.

The peonies are all quite fragrant, but the light-flowered ones have a more intense perfume. Among the shrubs, in particular, these varieties are very fragrant: Romana Gold, Lana Kisoi, Renkaku, Meikoho. Among the herbaceous, instead: Krinkled White, Pink Lemonade, Miss America, Madame Edouard Doriat and Honey Gol.

Italy Destination Weddings is creating a selection of pictures to best inspire you in the choice of a wedding bouquet made with peonies.

photocredit: La Piccola Selva

With which other flowers is possible to match peonies ?

Peonies combine beautifully with a wide range of other flowers, especially buttercups, tulips, roses, hydrangeas and orchids. Regarding the bridal bouquet, one of the best choice it could be the monochromatic bouquet, that is, using a mix of flowers of the same color, keeping the peony as the main flower. See some examples down below:

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