Valentine’s day and its origins: the inspiration for a wedding in Italy in Umbria!

Valentine's day and its origins:

The inspiration for a wedding in Italy in Umbria!



The 14th  February marks a world festivity, the festival of love, the Saint Valentine’s day.

But how is this tradition born?  And who was Saint Valentine?

Saint Valentine was born in Terni in Italy in the 176 A.D. and dies just the day 14 February 273 in Rome, he was considered the patron saint of lovers as it was the first religious to celebrate the union between a pagan and a young Christian.

It is also said that one day Saint Valentine heard a couple of lovers arguing and he came up  and gave them a rose, he asked them to hold it in their hands and pray to God to maintain alive and strong their love, the couple then asked to Saint

Valentine to celebrate their wedding. This story soon spread and so many couples began to go on pilgrimage to Terni to meet the bishop. 

Still today after many centuries lovers come in this Italian town to the basilica of SanValentino to bless their union.

Terni is located in Umbria, a region that offers the possibility of visiting places with natural landscapes of extreme beauty as the Valnerina and characteristic medieval villages.

For the lovers of this feast it would be very original to choose this place for the day of their wedding and Italy Destination Weddings would be happy to accompany you to the discovery of these places rich in history and uncontaminated nature. 

Why not join the celebration of the wedding with the visit of characteristic places as the MarmoreWaterfalls?

We must not place limits on our own imagination, Italy offers places rich in history and legends that can make THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF YOUR LIFE more romantic and evocative.


So if you decided to engage with your loved one on the Valentine’s Day, this year, be original! Propose to your soul mate to marry you in the place where everything originated!